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Wind Driven Turbine Ventilator

Buyers can obtain Wind Driven Turbine Ventilator at market-leading rates from us. We are reckoned among the successful Manufacturers and Suppliers of Turbine Ventilators. These are designed to exhaust Industrial pollutants such as dust, smoke, humidity, poisonous gases, fumes, heat and many more invisible irritants from an area. One can obtain these at affordable rates from us.


  • Wind turbo ventilators provide energy free cooling and fresh air throughout the year. This system functions and performs with the unlimited energy source like wind energy, thus saving running cost on exhaust fans, wiring, maintenance, etc.
  • Turbine ventilator provides a safe, cool, healthier and more controlled environment by removing the entrapped heat and industrial emission ensuring the health of workers, thus contributing to an increase in workers’ productivity.
  • Wind turbo ventilators do not require operating time, continuously in motion with the wind removes moisture-laden air in the winter and extremely hot attic air in the summer. Spins with the slightest breeze, creating an upward draft, which draws air out of the attic.
  • Industries emitting excessive heat can damage roof sheathing, felt and composition shingles. A cool attic turbine ventilator can vent much of this hot emission and replace with the fresh air from outer, there by preserving the life of the roof.


Features of Wind Driven Turbo Air Ventilator 

  • Located at the top most point of the roof to give optimum ventilation
  • Strong Lightweight and anti-corrosive
  • Rainwater and bird proof, being made up of closely spaced profiled vanes
  • Prevents down draft in to the building allowing air entry from the side openings
  • Pleasant looking and enhances architectural looks
  • Prevents condensation at the bottom of the roof
  • Designed to withstand winds in excess of 140 Km / hr
  • Exhausts hot air due to stack effect even when there is no wind
  • Smooth and quiet operation


How does wind turbine work? 
A well-designed turbine ventilator takes advantage of the wind to create a positive flow through the throat of the ventilator. The wind influences the performance of the ventilator in two ways :

  • As the Wind approaches and strikes the ventilator, it jumps, creating an area of low pressure on the leeward side of the turbine. This low pressure zone is fed by drawing air from the turbine, causing a continuous extraction of air from the building.
  • As the turbine rotates, the centripetal forces associated with the rotation fling air outwards form the tips of the vanes. Replacement air is drawn into the throat of the ventilator from the building causing continuous ventilation.
  • The turbine will even rotate and exhaust in the absence of wind using the thermal currents developed within the building.

Comparison of Wind Ventilators with Electric Powered Ventilators

Electric Powered Exhaust Fans Wind Powered "Airbuz" Turbine Ventilators
Runs on electric power hence high running power cos Runs on free wind power hence zero running power cost
Can be installed only where electric power is available Can be installed anywhere as it runs on wind power
Wall installation prevents uniform ventilation Rooftop installation ensures uniform ventilation

80% depreciation available as per income tax rules.